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What eKomi will do for you?

Grow their business while growing yours.

Add value with a global proposal.

Increase loyalty and decrease churn.

Improve your clients' online reputation.

What eKomi will do for your clients

Collect more and better reviews than any other service, resulting in greater value and ROI.

Increase trust for potential clients by displaying independently-certified third party reviews.

Decrease Pay-Per-Click costs for Google AdWords campaigns.

Provide review analysis tools to pin-point and incorporate actionable business insights.

Maximize shopping cart value and reduce returns.

Increase CTR by 17% through stars on Ads to convert more browsers into buyers.

Continuously generate SEO-relevant content.

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Receive a commission for referring clients to eKomi.

eKomi will be responsible for any and all technical and administrative support.

The sale and necessary collateral will be handled by eKomi.

With minimal effort and resources on your part, clients can take advantage of an advanced reviews and rating suite.

Resell our products to your clients.

Take advantage of our nine years of product and market expertise while enriching your product suite.

Benefit of complete ownership of the client relationship.

Provide your clients with top-of-the-line review technology without the involvement of working directly with a new company.

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Confianza Online & eKomi

Confianza Online is an association created in 2003  with the aim of increasing internet user trust when both browsing and purchasing.

Businesses who have the Confianza Online Trust Mark have been assessed on the basis of a thorough analysis covering over 30 objectives, and use it on their website to show their ethical commitment to good internet and e-commerce practices.

Confianza Online  and eKomi join forces to help businesses improve their online reputation and boost traffic and ROI.

Our Official Partner in Poland

eKomi Poland

Meet the official eKomi reseller in Poland! helps businesses set themselves apart from their competitors, stand-out in the marketplace and increase revenues. 

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